A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Lens Care

A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Lens Care

A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Lens Care

If you are switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses, you should know how to wear and care for them. Adaptation to the lenses could take some time, but you will enjoy their clarity and convenience. Knowing what to expect will help you adjust much faster. You will receive instructions about their wear and care during the contact lens fitting.



Proper Contact Lens Care



Taking proper care of your contact lenses will help to prolong their life. It will also help you maintain healthy eyes by protecting them from infection. There are various types of contact lenses, ranging from soft to rigid lenses.


Use the cleaning products recommended for the type of lenses you have. The cleaning process will depend on the product and the type of lens. You will not need to worry about cleaning if you choose daily disposable lenses.



Using Contact Lenses



Make sure that you use contact lenses as recommended. Replace them as often as prescribed, and do not re-wear disposable lenses. Wash your hands using unscented soap before handling your contacts. Always use a lint-free towel or cloth to wipe your hands to avoid transferring fibers to the lenses.


If you experience unusual eye irritation when wearing the lenses, remove them immediately. Leave them off until you visit the eye doctor to resolve the issue. Do not wear your contact lenses if you have a cold or other illnesses to prevent the spreading of germs.



Cleaning Your Contact Lenses



There are two main types of contact lens cleaning solutions: multipurpose and hydrogen peroxide-based solutions. You can use multipurpose solutions to clean and disinfect the lenses, and they are ideal for soft or hard lenses.


Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions are ideal for sensitive eyes, and they require adding a neutralizing agent. You should never use tap water, rewetting drops, or saliva to clean your lenses. Throw away any contact lens solution left three months after opening the bottle.



Inspecting the Lenses



Always check the lenses before wearing them and look for any signs of damage or tears. Do not use your nails to insert the lenses, as this could cause scratching. Make sure that the lens is turned the right way before inserting it.


The lens should look like a bowl. If the edges are turned out, you need to reverse the lens before inserting. Always insert and remove the lenses beginning with the same eye to avoid mix-ups. Use rewetting drops as recommended to keep your eyes moist.



Your Contact Lens Case



Always store your contacts in a good quality case. Keep the storage case safe and replace it every three months or as recommended. Use warm soapy water to clean the case every week. Rinse it carefully and wipe it dry before storing your contacts.


Do not reuse old solutions from the storage case to clean your contacts. Poor use and care of contact lenses can lead to eye infections. If you experience symptoms such as pain, light sensitivity, blurry vision, red eyes, and eye discharge, contact your eye doctor.


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