Ortho-k for Kids: Why Parents Are Choosing Corneal Reshaping for Their Children's Vision

Ortho-k for Kids: Why Parents Are Choosing Corneal Reshaping for Their Children's Vision

Ortho-k for Kids: Why Parents Are Choosing Corneal Reshaping for Their Children's Vision

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is a myopia control procedure that uses special night-wear contact lenses. The rigid contact lenses are worn while sleeping, reshaping the cornea overnight. The cornea is the clear front part of the eye that functions like a lens. 


Changing the cornea shape can help alter the focusing power. Find out why parents are choosing corneal reshaping for their children’s vision. 



Using Ortho-k Lenses 


Ortho-k lenses apply a gradual corneal reshaping pressure to help prevent or slow myopia progression. Doctors prescribe these special lenses to manage the refractive error. The cornea focuses light, a vital function for good vision. The continued growth of the eyeball causes vision problems. 


After removing the ortho-k lenses on waking, the patient enjoys good eyesight all day without wearing daytime lenses. Wearing ortho-k lenses every night helps maintain the results.



Benefits of Ortho-k for Kids 


There are good reasons why parents are choosing corneal reshaping for their children. Night lenses allow children to enjoy good vision all day without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. They can participate in sports and other activities without eyeglasses getting in the way. 


Studies show that children prefer night lenses over eyeglasses for their appearance. Wearing the lenses at home means parents can supervise the cleaning and proper wear.  



Candidates for Ortho-k Lenses 


Ortho-k lenses are suitable for children and adults, but the best candidates are children between six and 12 years old. The availability of adult supervision makes them ideal even for children below six years. 


Children are good candidates because their corneas are still growing. The lenses usually correct mild myopia and are not recommended for those with severe myopia. An eye doctor will help determine if your child is suited for the lenses.



Safety of Ortho-k Lenses


Ortho-k lenses are safe and suitable for children. Most children can handle the lenses’ application, removal, and cleaning with ease. Young children have their parents to supervise them. 


Research supports corneal reshaping’s ability to slow myopia progression, making them popular among parents. There are few side effects linked to ortho-k use. Infections are very rare and usually associated with poor care or contact with water. 



Fitting for Ortho-k Lenses


Fitting for ortho-k lenses is similar to that of regular contacts. Doctors measure the eye refraction to get the child’s prescription. They also measure the cornea shape to assess lens suitability. Your child will learn how to wear and remove the lenses and care for them. 


Studies show that children are proficient at contact lens use. The child will wear the lenses for one night, and doctors will repeat the corneal topography measurements in the morning. During follow-up visits, the doctor will measure the cornea and compare the results with previous measurements.


It is essential to schedule follow-up visits as instructed. It helps determine if the cornea reshaping is happening as expected. Adjustments may be necessary to ensure the lens design works effectively to change the eye shape. If your child discontinues wear, it will reverse the changes made to the cornea. 


For more information on corneal reshaping for your child’s vision, visit Eye Carumba Optometry at our San Francisco, California office. Call 415.360.6900 to schedule an appointment today.

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